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Analysis on Application Characteristics of Silver Alloy Contact Material

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Lead-based alloys with silver as the main alloying element. Commonly used grades are PbAg0.6, PbAg1, PbAg2.5 and so on. Adding a small amount of silver can significantly improve the recrystallization temperature of lead, grain refinement, improve strength, hardness and creep resistance, sulfuric acid has good corrosion resistance. Lead-silver alloy can be used as the anode material of electrolytic zinc; eutectic lead-silver alloy (PbAg2.5) is mainly used for high melting point soft solder. Melting method.

AC contactor silver contacts Silver contacts materials are: silver cadmium, silver tungsten, silver graphite, silver and nickel. Silver content from 60% to 85% range. Silver contacts are widely referred to as the points of intersection and separation of electrical and electronic devices when they are opened and closed. Since the metal conductor terminals are susceptible to instantaneous heat generation and sparking at the moment of contact, their contact points are subjected to multi- , It is easy to produce oxidation and electrolysis, so the contact point to increase the thickening, or the use of polymer metal (with copper and silver two kinds of materials for more), then, will be made of high molecular metal contacts , Or the same material to increase the point of thickening known as silver contacts.