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The actual role and the main use of silver contacts

Datatime: 8/9/2017 12:00:00 AM   Visit: 102

Silver contact is a lot of mechanical equipment and circuit supply is an indispensable device. In mechanical equipment, silver contacts do not exist independently, but as a device in the form of existence, it can be said in the machinery it is called contactors, is a more efficient equipment. In contrast, this mechanical into the contactor, the work in the process of power to improve the electrical contact frequency for the production efficiency have a certain effect. As a metal component, its role is to make the conduction between the conductors stronger, more convenient power, it can be said to improve the overall performance of the conductor bar.

    On the other hand, it is also used to enhance the contact between the conductor devices, to further improve their frequency of use. And disconnect, it is to contact separation, to ensure that the conductor does not produce a spark after the phenomenon of disconnection, or let the spark quickly consumed, to ensure the safety of the circuit. Its role is still a huge, the current use of more types of silver contacts is a three composite silver contacts, but also the development of composite materials, a more classic product.