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Solid Contact Rivets Supplier Recommend

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Company Profile

Wenzhou Saijin Electrical Alloy Co.,Ltd was established on May 4, 1998,specializes in producing all kinds of contact rivets,contact points,contact components,electrical accessories and silver alloy wires.

Sajin use the material Cd free which meets the Eu RoHS&REACH requirement.

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product description

           Ag Silver Solid Contact Rivets

Solid Contact Rivets Supplier Recommend_Solid Contact Rivets

Product Material

Ag /Fag

General Description

Silver and fine grain silver(FAg)possess very high electrical and thermal conductivity,low and stable contact resistance,and good workability.For silver resistance to arc erosion and contact welding are limited,mechanica strengthis low, Due To the small quantity of nickel in the fine grain silver,resistance to arc erosion and mechanical strength are higher than that of silver.

Application Scope

Widely used in low current devices,such as relays,timers,auxiliaryt switches for household appliances(FAg),control switches(FAg)


  Ag   Fag  
  Tips Wires Tips Wires
Ag Content(wt.%) ≥99.95 ≥99.95 99.85(+0.15Ni) 99.85(+0.15Ni)
Density(g/cm³) ≥10.48 ≥10.48 ≥10.40 ≥10.40
Elec,Resistivity(µΩ•cm) ≤2.10 ≤1.80 ≤2.10 ≤1.85
Hardness Hv (MPa) ≥400 ≥600 ≥450 ≥650
Tensile Strength(MPa) - 230-380 - 250-380
Elongation(%) - 2-18 - 2-8
Manufacturing process Extruding-Roling Extruding-Drawing Extruding-Rolling Extruding-Drawing


Electrical Silver AuNi/CuNi Bimetal Contact Rivets

Solid Contact Rivets Supplier Recommend_ Ag Silver Solid Contact Rivets

Product Material

AuNi/CuNi Bimetal Rivets 


Head  Head  Shank  Shank  Silver Layer    Angle Spherical 
Diameter Thickness Length Diameter Thickness     Radius
±0.10 ±0.05 ±0.15 -0.02 S≤0.4: 0.04 ±0.2° ±0.2R
    0 -0.1   0    
        S>0.4:  0    

Application Scope

AuNi materials have high hardness so they have very high resistance to wearing,and they have better resistance to oxidation and sulfuration than Ag alloys,so they can be used in complicated working circumstances,now they are widely used in oil level indicator sensors of automobiles.