CONTACTO DE PLATA BIMETAL La plata es el mejor de los conductores eléctricos po


In order to avoid the burning of the silver contact, the end of the static conta


AgSnO2 contact material is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, with ex


Methods of riveting: There are 2 types of riveting methods: Cold riveting &


What is an electrical contact? An electrical contact is an electrically control


Silver contact is a lot of mechanical equipment and circuit supply is an indispensable device. In mechanical equipment, silver contacts do not exist independently…


Lead-based alloys with silver as the main alloying element. Commonly used grades are PbAg0.6, PbAg1, PbAg2.5 and so on. Adding a small amount of silver…


The relay contacts are designed to provide a silver contact for relays in accordance with today's society's demand for low carbon, high efficiency and sustainable…


The advantages and disadvantages of three kinds of contact silver contacts:Bridge-type composite silver contacts: bridge-type silver contacts of the two contact…


The coated silver contacts comprise a support made of a copper material and a clad made of a silver material, the support of the product comprising a contact…


fixed contact: with fasteners such as screws or willow nails and other compressed electrical contact is called fixed contact, fixed contact in the course of work there is no relative movement…