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What are the methods of stamping parts inspection?

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The methods for checking Methods of Strip-Stamping Parts are:
Touch Inspect, Oil Stone Polishing, Flexible Gauze Sanding, Visual Inspect, Inspecture by Inspering Tool

1 Touch inspection

Wipe the surface of the outer covering with a clean gauze. The inspector should wear touch gloves and touch the surface of the stamped part along the longitudinal direction of the stamped part, this inspection method depends on the experience of the inspector. If necessary, the suspected area can be polished with oil stone and verified, but this method is an effective and fast inspection method.

2 Oil stone polishing

1, first with a clean gauze to wipe the surface of the outer coverings, and then polished with oil stone (20 × 20 × 100mm or larger), there are rounded places and difficult to reach places with relatively small oil stone polishing (for example: 8 × 100mm semi-circular oil stone)

2、The choice of oil stone size depends on the surface condition (such as roughness, galvanization, etc.). It is recommended to use a fine-grained oil stone. The direction of oil stone polishing is basically along the longitudinal direction and fits well to the surface of the stamped parts, some special places can be supplemented with transverse polishing.

3 Flexible gauze sanding

Wipe the surface of the outer covering with a clean gauze cloth. Use a flexible gauze to sand along the longitudinal direction closely to the surface of the stamped part to the whole surface, any pockmarks and indentations will be easily detected.

4 Oiling inspection

Wipe the surface of the outer covering with a clean gauze cloth. Then use a clean brush to apply oil evenly along the same direction to the whole outer surface of the stamped part. Put the oiled stamped parts under bright light for inspection, and it is recommended to put the stamped parts vertically on the body position. With this method, tiny pockmarks, deflated ponds and corrugations on the stamped parts can be easily detected.

5 Visual inspection

Visual inspection is mainly used to find the appearance abnormality and macroscopic defects of the stamping parts.

6 Inspection by inspection tool

The stamping parts are put into the inspection tool and the stamping parts are inspected according to the operation requirements of the inspection tool manual.